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In-R-Form Plus

Available in 58" x 18" & 58" x 36" packages

Unique Fusible Foam Stabilizer

Double Sided Fusible

Laminated to Napped Tricot

Soft and Formable

Easy to Stitch

Needle Friendly

1/2 yard package $12.99

1 yard package $24.99


Duet Fuse II

Heat Sensitive Adhesive on Both Sides Create a Formaulated Stabilizing Bond to Any Fabric.

Use in Creating Quilts, Soft Sculptures, Garments, Handbags, Crafts and Accessories.

Available in 58" x 36" packages

$15.99 / pkg


Other Info
Wingspan Crafts' Inspiration:
From the time I met my wife in 1971, she's been a crafter. Fabric, paint, plaster, yarn, paper...anything that would create something different and pleasing to the eye.
She is never unwilling to give it a try. Sometimes just to see if she can do it, but most times she has a vision in her head that she has to put into some sort of medium that makes her smile. It doesn't always come out the way she wants, but she never gives up! She keeps trying and isn't afraid to share her ideas with her friends and other crafters.
Thus the inspiration for this web-site. It started with her comment, "You know there are hundreds of people out there with great ideas. Wouldn't it be terrific if we could help them market and sell their patterns and projects?"
Put your idea on a CD or memory stik and send it to us. Our panel of sewists and crafters will take a look. If they think it will work, we will include it on the site.
We know you have something to share.
Jim Chapman - Wingspan Crafts